That's why we created The Embarker -

Welcome to modern-day foraging.

Meet: The Embarker

  • Thoughtfully designed for you & your pet
  • Enrich your dog's life
  • Fun for them, easy for you
  • Choose from 6 play levels, for puppies and experts
  • Wiggly, wobbly rolling fulfills natural hunting instincts
  • Available in Blue and Orange (colors dogs can see)
  • Product dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 in.
Dog playing with Olio toys with person reading in the background.

Going Back to Their Roots

Our dog's ancestors weren't fed out of bowls, they foraged and hunted for their food – these instincts haven't disappeared.

Like us, our dogs seek fulfillment and it's up to us to help them do so. The Embarker helps them meet this need, providing them with a sensory-based problem-solving activity.

Mental stimulation lowers stress, wards off boredom, curbs unwanted behavior, and keeps our dogs happy and healthy. So they can stick around for the long run.

Olio toys founders interacting with their dogs.

Our Story

We adopted our dog, Rio, and wanted him to live his best life. However, it was tough to keep him entertained and mentally stimulated. He quickly solved all the toys and food puzzles we bought for him. Rio left mountains of toys untouched. It wasn't long until we decided to build our own.

We spent months 3-D printing, exploring unique shapes, and improving upon each model. Dogs of all sizes tried and tested each shape and iteration until we cracked the code!

Olio's toys are strategically designed to keep your pet intrigued whether you're at home or away - it's playtime no matter where you are.